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Are your records safe?

This morning a fire broke out inside a power plant in New Orleans resulting in a water main break and flooded streets. Incidents just like this remind us of how important it is to protect our business and personal records.

Advice on dealing with wet and moldy records

Tax season is over, now what?

Now that tax season has ended, consider offering clients a solution that will make your life and their’s easier in 2013. Elmwood Records Center delivers products and services that enable organizations to manage paper and digital documents on-site and off-site throughout their entire life-cycle. We provide services that enable you and your clients to know: 

  • What information or business records you have in any medium

  • Where they are located
  • How to find them when you need them

Oh No! The file is missing…

What’s the cost of a missing file? Stress, productivity loss, or the loss of confidential information that could result in litigation? We can help you cut out the headache no matter the size of your business. Records management starting packages begin at $29.95 monthly. Click here to learn more.

It’s just that easy…

Have you ever visited someone’s office and noticed a confidential client file left open on their desk?

Is there one shared printer in your office that employees collect printed materials from sporadically?

Has the receptionist at your doctor’s office ever called you to the window and asked you to update your file while another patient’s file was sitting on the desk?  These are all examples of data breaches. What can you do to keep them from happening? Let Elmwood Records complete a needs analysis for you and help you eliminate your risk.

Mitigating Risk

Records management and archival systems help organizations avoid risks to their finances, their employees, their brand and more. Everyday companies have to deal with stolen laptops, missing files, website hackers, and enterprise system security breaches.  Isn’t it time your organization started investigating ways to mitigate risk?