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Elmwood Records Management delivers products and services that enable organizations to manage paper and digital documents on-site and off-site throughout...Read More
Our Small Business Packages are priced competitively and provide safe and reliable record services, no matter what the business size!
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With Elmwoods Record Center, no request is too large, and no detail tooo small! Contact our location today to learn how our Concierge Services can benefit your business. Contact Us
Record Management

Records Management

In today’s business environment, establishing a sound records management program is serious business. Increasing regulatory compliance and the ever-present need to access records for audits, lawsuits, and general business operations is putting more pressure on companies to improve the way they handle records retention and management.

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Digital Access Solutions

Digital Access Solutions

A fully integrated records and information management program addresses both physical and electronic records. Access Information Management provides full-service Digital Access Solutions that allow organizations to tightly control and efficiently share valuable information assets. Access works with you to develop efficient programs for managing the flow of documents, from image capture and indexing, to secure access, collaboration, and policy-based disposition and destruction.

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Shredding and Destructive Services

Shredding and Destructive Services

Secure destruction of information has always been an integral part of a well maintained records management program. Increasing regulations, consumer demands for protection of personal information, and needs to protect your employees and stakeholders make timely, secure shredding an essential part of your overall records management program. Retaining information beyond its required retention period incurs unnecessary storage costs and leaves you vulnerable to risks of theft, misuse, disclosure, legal discovery, and non-compliance fines.

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Data Protection and Storage

Data Protection

Our state-of-the-art media vault facilities are specifically designed for data protection, including fire-rated vault construction; automated fire detection; environmentally friendly, dry fire suppression; internal and external video surveillance; biometric security to restrict access; complete temperature and humidity control; and tape and closed media container inventory tracking technology.

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Concierge Services in New Orleans

Concierge Services

When you deal with Elmwood Records Center, you’ll experience a different world of Records and Information Management than you’ve ever experienced before. The level of services we offer is unparalleled in the industry. Our concierge staff will handle everything for you – no job too large, no detail too small. Find out why we’re considered the “Ultimate Records Management Experience.”

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