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Digital Access Solutions

A fully integrated records and information management program addresses both physical and electronic records. Elmwood Records Center provides full-service Digital Access Solutions that allow organizations to tightly control and efficiently share valuable information assets. Elmwood works with you to develop efficient programs for managing the flow of documents, from image capture and indexing, to secure access, collaboration, and policy-based disposition and destruction.

Elmwood offers economical Digital Access Solutions for short and long-term needs. Our cost-effective suite of services enable any business to retrieve, share, and bring together diverse information types in a secure, inexed, searchable, and highly scalable web-hosted repository.

Scan On Demand

File scanning with secure web-based access as an alternative to physical document delivery creates legally archived digital images of active hard copy records to provide quick and easy access and improve document sharing of records from anywhere.

Backfile Scanning

Selective scanning improves access and distribution of highly active records to complement offsite storage of less-active hard copy documents. Conversion of hard copy documents, microfiche, and microfilm to searchable electronic records ensures security and compliance through controlled access to vital company records. Scanning also allows you to upload documents to our secure, web-hosted repository, transfer information to a client’s media, or store original disks as disaster recovery backup in Elmwood’s media vault.

Today-Forward Imaging

Scanning departmental documents enhances decision-making and customer satisfaction. In-house ore Elmwood-managed scanning improves efficiency of daily operations. High-speed scanners and imaging software accommodate any volume.

Access Web-Hosted Repository

Securely store, index, search, retrieve, fax, email, or print any type of electronic record and facilitate immediate access – anywhere, anytime. Improve business process with secure, web-based access to electronic records from a web browser. Ensure regulatory compliance with records retention policy management, audit trails, and email archiving. Gain efficiency by streamlining workflow, electronic records distribution, and collaboration.