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It’s Time to Purge your Business Records

Every year after Thanksgiving, businesses all over the world clean out older files and make space for the new year. It’s time to set a date for your “Purge Party”. One thing I know you will need is Records Storage Boxes. Why pay more for lower quality at the big name stores?

Elmwood Records Center has heavy duty records storage boxes that are made to last. Order your boxes today. Special pricing for volume discounts and delivery are available. Call Matt Glaviano, Elmwood’s Records Analyst at 504-826-9090 or email him at to place your order now.

Sensitive Information: How is your business handling it?

Security and data breaches are ever present to companies no matter what the size. A few questions to ask yourself about your business and it’s sensitive information.

  1. What sensitive data does your business manage and where due you keep/store these records?
  2. Is it easy for these records to be duplicated?
  3. Are your records encrypted? 
  4. What is your privacy policy on sensitive data/records? 
  5. Is the privacy policy clearly communicated to employees and reviewed on a regular basis?
  6. A’s hire A+. If an employee is to has access to sensitive information, what is to prevent them from sharing it?
  7. What type of IT services do you need to protect your records? 
  8. Are passwords and software updated regularly on all computers? 
  9. When an employee leaves what procedures are in place to retrieve records, shut down access to computers and networks? 
  10. Shred it don’t leave it laying around, what policies has your company put in place to regarding data destruction?

Tax season is over, now what?

Now that tax season has ended, consider offering clients a solution that will make your life and their’s easier in 2013. Elmwood Records Center delivers products and services that enable organizations to manage paper and digital documents on-site and off-site throughout their entire life-cycle. We provide services that enable you and your clients to know: 

  • What information or business records you have in any medium

  • Where they are located
  • How to find them when you need them